One Step Checkout - Users checking out as guests, order created without email address?

Magento with OneStepCheckout: Sessions issue - We had registered users checking out as guests (with a different email address than the registered email) and the order was getting created without the email.

OneStepCheckout has a known bug - since it's using AJAX to submit data and under some conditions the POST via AJAX doesn't go successfully (because of the timing) and email is NOT attached to an order when you're in Guest Checkout mode.


How do I get Magento error reports to display in the browser window?!?

When I hit an error in Magento I get the entirely helpful "There has been an error" message. Then I have to go digging to find the error as it has been logged in the file system.

Helpful tip: Go to the errors folder in your Magento directory and rename the "local.xml.sample" file to "local.xml" and PRESTO - you have errors dumping right in your browser.

For more info, visit


Magento Official Training by Varien/BlueAcorn

I had a chance to take the official Magento developer training course in New Jersey recently, instructed by Ben Hopps from Blue Acorn. I would definitely recommend it in case you are looking for meaty, deep training in the Varien/Mage object model and how the Magento flavor of Model-View-Controller works. This course will not disappoint you, and Ben Hopps is a wildly knowledgeable guy and a very professional instructor with a great delivery. He really takes a nice approach towards a dry subject that keeps your eyelids from sealing shut permanently. His course will take you from novice to less-novice very quickly.


Drupal Logon Access Denied in Internet Explorer but not Chrome or Firefox

When logging in to a Drupal site via IE9 I get an 'Access Denied' error. It works fine on Chrome and Firefox. What gives?!?

Do you have this problem? I know of two possible solutions. One is that you could have a very, very short domain name (like two letters and a two-letter TLD, like or something?) Sometimes the rewrite rules don't work with a domain name that is so short.

Another possibility is that you are redirecting from one domain name to another, and the cookie handling is different across the browsers. It could have to do with whether you are using a frame-redirect or an HTTP/301 redirect.

Either way, check this helpful article for next steps:

Good luck.


Upgraded Magento to version 1.7 and prices disappeared on the PDP Product Display Page!

After upgrading to Magento CE my prices disappeared on the Product Display Pages (PDP's) so I went about troubleshooting my custom theme for about a week. (I had a similar problem where missing files were causing other things to disappear, so I incorrectly linked that problem to this one.)

Frustratingly, I found that it was actually the catalog.xml file located in the layout folder of my custom theme. (I am using a modified 'HelloWired' theme.)

On line 280 (your custom theme will have the same line somewhere close to that line number) of catalog.xml I found the following line:


Modern Assumptions Regarding Screen Sizes in Adaptive or Responsive Design

It's official: big screens are the norm. While its true that many users still have 1024-pixel displays on desktop machines, it's also likely that they are still using a four-by-three (4:3) aspect ratio, with a vertical dimension of 768 pixels. It seems that many newer sites, especially those that are engineered to be responsive (those that interrogate the media query, etc) are allowing these users to drop off the "full layout" into an alternate design.

I think there are a number of contributing factors leading to this trend, including:


Great Sites to Learn From

Here are some nicely designed/organized sites to use as learning examples, most with some sort of specialization or custom offering we found to be very interesting or pertinent to some of our past articles: - Promising Drupal monitoring service, very similar to that privately available at - Great responsive design examples - Arts and Crafts site with massive data and a blog that discusses how they do it, located at - test your PDA's browser; you're not getting the resolution you THINK you are!


Magento API media call returns "Product Not Exists" error on valid SKU

When using the Magento SOAP API to retrieve the image of a product where the SKU is a numeric value, you may get a "Product Not Exists" error. (Yes, nice grammar.)

The issue seems to be a bug with Magento where numeric SKU's are not processed as strings. The fix is a little cheezey, but here it is:


Invalid Backend Controller after removing Magento Extension

So I installed the "Fixed Quantity" extension from "Zeta Prints" and did not make a backup. It claimed to be compatible with Community Edition 1.6 but did not say anything about version 1.7 - I went ahead anyway.

You can clearly see how it went by reading my review on MagentoCommerce:

In 1.7, if you even attempt to use this feature on a simple product it permanently stops showing up in filter results when adding to complex product types. And even worse, it breaks the site and does not uninstall cleanly. After removal you get an 'invalid backend model' error on ANY product save causing product edits to fail. MAKE BACKUPS before trying - or better yet, avoid this extension!!!



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