Easier Varnish logging

Get it???  Varnish logs?!?

Varnish, by default, doesn't write a lof file. If you go to /var/log/varnish you will see that this directory is empty.

In Magento, using the Turpentine module, you can enable Varnish logging but it writes a *ton* of stuff and is very heavy to work with. It also degrades server performance asd fills storage.

You can monitor Varnish by typing varnishlog but you will get flooded with information. There are a multitude of switches available, just see man varnishlog. Even still, this log can be a lot to handle.

Try varnishncsa instead. It will give you a "tail-like" experience minus all the cruft. You can actually watch this monitor and get a good sense of what's happening in your mail server without trying to filter all the noise.


Magento URL's Rejected by Google Merchants for "Too Many Redirects"

Google product feeds denied after installing SUPEE-8788?

Symptom: Your Magento site's nightly product feed to Google starts getting denied products by the boatload. The reason, Google says, is "Too Many Redirects" but ths URL's they are using seem to load just fine. Perhaps you are running Varnish? Maybe you recently installed security patch SUPEE-8788 too?

If you go to http://www.redirect-checker.org/ and set the User-Agent to GoogleBot the URL's result in a 302 "Temporarily Moved" error, but other common settings such as Yahoo, Bing! and Yandex work just fine?


Throttle a MySQLDump export so it doesn't lock up your production server

Trying to get your MySQLDump to relax a little bit?

If you are running InnoDB, consider running your mysqldump command with the following options:

--single-transaction --quick

This will slow the execution enough that your production site should still stay somewhat performant and not just hijack the server until it completes.

There are associated concerns, of course, but this should get many users through a MySQL dump on a live site.

So, for those of you looking for a complete MySQLDump command example using these switches, try:


How to fix some popular issues when migrating Magento 1.x systems between dissimilar servers

Moving Magento to a dissimilar server can be messy business!

Unable to log into admin control panel


Moving to a server (or local dev environment) that doesn't have Redis installed

Install Redis! Pretty straightforward on Linux. For a guide to installing Redis on Mac, check this resource: http://jasdeep.ca/2012/05/installing-redis-on-mac-os-x/ - Or disable Redis if you must by searching for 'redis' in the app/etc/local.xml file.

Getting the error "Function name must be a string" (etc)

If you are migrating from a site that was running PHP version 5.x, try matching that in the new environment for a quick fix. Running on PHP v7+ will bring new problems - it's best to make sure it's running first before dealing with these types of issues. For more info, see https://www.atwix.com/magento/magento-and-php-7/


Quick diff command to see if core files have been changed

Make sure your core files aren't hacked or modified!

Check your framework of choice to see if the core files have been changed!

$ diff -rbB clean_source_code suspect_code_folder

the -rbB means "recursive and ignore whitespace differences" more-or-less.

This information was lifted from a very helpful Magento post at Inchoo, see the original at http://inchoo.net/magento/quickly-check-if-magento-core-files-are-modified/


HTTP Trusted Hosts for Drupal 7

Make sure your Drupal 7 site doesn't have an identity crisis!

Drupal 8 introduced a "Trusted Hosts" configuration value which makes sure your site is responding only when it should. Essentially, it stops people from registering their own domain names and pointing them at your site, whereupon Drupal "detects" that bad domain name as the site's default URL and serves stuff anyway. Various versions of this exploit can lead to problems ranging from people duplicating your site to steal your SEO, all the way up to on-site security vulnerabilities allowing people to gain access to your site. For Drupal 7 users, this feature is not in core but there are a variety of ways to handle the problem, depending on what type of behavior you are trying to limit.

There is a great writeup on Drupal.org that clearly outlines the issue and give you some very basic pointers on how to clean-up your situation - check it out at https://www.drupal.org/node/1992030


How to add MySQL to the path in the command line with MAMP on Mac

Snap another chunk on your path!

You have MAMP on Mac and you are trying to type "mysql" but it is not finding it.

1. Change to your user home directory with "cd ~"

2. Edit ".bash_profile" using the editor of your choice. (You won't see it if you list the directory contents - try "ls -a" if you want to see files normally hidden by the ls command)

3. Add the following line, which is the directory where the MySQL executable resides:

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin

...that will attach the executable directory to your existing path and allow you to type "mysql" from anywhere.


Great Wolf Resorts buys 50 acres near Disney World

UPDATE 2021: There is NO Great Wolf Lodge in Orlando!!! https://waterparkhotelsorlando.com/great-wolf-lodge-orlando/

From http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-2016012...

Great Wolf Lodge New England is a 40-acre destination resort with a 68,000-square foot indoor waterpark, where many families are heading to explore the great indoors.

An affiliate of Great Wolf Resorts, a Wisconsin-based water park resort chain, has purchased about 50 acres near Walt Disney World for $23 million.

Back in November, Great Wolf told county officials it was contemplating its first resort in Florida.


From HelloGiggles.com (and other sources) - Midwestern Disneyland

Disney World was thisclose to being built in a midwestern city
Rachel Paige — December 8, 2015 10:25 am

Disney World was thisclose to being built in a midwestern city
You know Disneyland is located in sunny Anaheim, California. You know Disney World is located in sunny, hot, humid Orlando, Florida. But did you know that the World was almost located somewhere completely different?

On Thursday, plans for “Walt Disney’s Riverfront Square” go up for auction. These plans are the original blueprints for the St. Louis, Missouri theme park. Yes, Missouri. Yes, once upon a time Walt Disney almost built a theme park in the midwest.



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