The Magento 2.0 "Downward Slope of Promise"

How long before the dawn for Magento's long-anticipated version 2.0 ???

Thirteen Top-Ten Reasons not to Hold your Breath for Magento 2.0

It's officially time to question the plausibility of a Magento 2.0 release anywhere near the suggested timelines. Magento's first major overhaul since they became a "thing" is shaping up to be a non-event. Much ado about nothing, there seems to be a landslide of articles speculating whether there will be a version 2.0, what it will contain, and when it might arrive. Meanwhile, the announcements went from promising to downplayed, and eventually fell relatively silent. There seems to be increasing drag on any official communication from within the Magento camp, and even the stories about how a 2.0 beta release might be stalled are now themselves outdated. While trying to keep the knobs dead-center between optimist and pessimist, the following symptoms are those that are leading me to this disposition, which I summarily dub "The Magento 2.0 downward slope of promise", beginning with quite a whopper...


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