Magento Critical Service Advisory February 10th, 2015

Magento issues a critical security advisory on February 10th for all versions

The "Valentine's Day Worm" is here!

The following security update was sent today by eBay regarding all versions of Magento Community and Enterprise editions:

Dear Magento Solution Partner,

We’d like to make you aware of an important new patch that addresses a potential security issue in Magento software. This issue allows an attacker to remotely execute code on Magento software using a specially crafted request. This issue affects all versions of Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition.

While we have not received any reports of customers being impacted by this issue, we encourage you to immediately install the patch for your clients as preventative measure.

Recommended actions:


Drupal Sites Hacked Worldwide in October 2014

Security Exploit revealed in October allows total control of YOUR Drupal site

In mid-October Drupal announced a serious defect in the Database Abstraction Layer allowing guest users to gain full access to a site and server. The security noticed can be found at the FAQ on SA-CORE-2014-005 on the Drupal website.

This exploit creates the ability for attackers to place their own PHP files on your server for remote execution, or to inject their own code into pre-existing files.

Ways to detect a breached system - and steps to remediate:

Look for files with a datestamp in October 2014

If you didn't upload any new versions or modules in October 2014, there should be no php or include files with these datestamps. Use the Linux FIND command to find files last edited on or after October 1st, 2014 and then check those files.

Locate files with PCT4BA6ODSE_ in them


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