Magento PCI Compliance using third-party payment processor but not "leaving" the site?

You would like to remain PCI-compliant by using a third-party/hosted payment processor (so that Magento is not called "into scope" of a PCI audit) but you hate how most payment processors take the user away from your site?

Try "Silent Order POST" from CyberSource. It posts your payments in the background and doesn't lead your user off to a third party! http://apps.cybersource.com/library/documentation/sbc/SOP_UG/html/wwhelp...

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm wondering if Moneris payment gateway also accomplishes this goal? Check them out at http://www.moneris.com/ and click on the "Online Payments" header. They are a Canadian firm and have a US presence.


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