Mr. Weirman

Does Ivory Soap Float?

I was the class clown in Mr. Weirman's 7th grade science class at Homer Junior High School. I think I was trying to get the attention of the ladies, although I didn't yet know why. Dana Schultz, Sue Gadomski, Gina Wz???, Amy ???, even Bonnie? (Remember because of the Bonnie Bell lip gloss hanging on around their necks)

Anyway, I stuck my finger in the "water" and Mr. Weirman almost had a conniption. It wasn't water, it was alcohol or something. And he was afraid I would do that because he was watching me and I was close to the bins, and I think he knew I would figure it out.

Kinda like Brother Gerard - he also knew I was smart but lazy, which is why he ALWAYS called on me when he asked a question from the books, and NEVER called on me when I had an answer I could learn in life, like "Why are the insides of our teeth healthier than the outsides?"


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