Magento Product Export Not Working - getting "No Valid Data Sent" error

Are mysteriously corrupt records causing your exports to fail?

Sometimes Magento Community Edition version (and perhaps other versions) throw an error when you try to use the built-in product export feature. I've been able to find the particular product SKU's in my catalog that are causing the export routine to bomb, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong with these records. I could not trace a specific condition back to the problematic records for something to blame, such as simple versus complex product types, attribute sets, funky characters or encoding, missing values - nothing. It seemed as if there was some sort of invisible problem with certain records that would cause the product export to fail.

I looked in the exception log and saw this super-helpful error message:


Setting Magento Developer Mode through htaccess file not working on shared hosting?

Why can't I get Developer Mode enabled through the htaccess file?

While following the "Weblog" demo found on Magento for Developers Part 5 - Models and ORM Basics from Magento Commerce, many people have been following the instructions to enable developer mode to intentionally throw errors when an include file is missing.

On MagePsycho .com there is a blog post suggesting seven steps to enable dev mode if you are having trouble. I followed those steps and still couldn't get it to happen.


New version 1.8 of Magento Community Edition coming out next week

Magento Community Edition 1.8 and Enterprise Edition 1.13 Improvements

Magento announced the official release of Enterprise Edition version 1.13 at Imagine 2013 which includes some long-awaited and desperately-needed enhancements to the way indexing is performed. Now indexed items can be updated "in isolation" which means you don't have to rebuild the whole index every time it becomes invalidated. Instead, you can index only the changed items, and much of this happens automatically now instead of waiting for you to do it manually.


Review of "Magento Performance Optimization How-to" from the PACKT Publishing INSTANT Series

Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to

I bought an "Instant" book from PACKT Publishing once. ONCE. I'll never do it again. Why? In a previous blog post I detailed the lack of, well... anything contained in another PACKT "Instant" publication. These things are like the primer to the primer - the most shallow introduction it is possible to print and still have any ink on the page.


Review of "E-Commerce with Magento: Build a Shop" from the PACKT Publishing INSTANT Series

Magento book is so think with only 40 usable pages, and mostly screen shots!

Let me preface this review by saying I respect Branko Ajzele and I work with people who have experience working with him, and his reputation precedes him as a master of his craft. That said, I can honestly say that I was shocked when I picked up this book. When my Amazon shipment first arrived I yoinked out the packing bubbles and I thought they forgot to put the book in the box - there was only this little pamphlet on the bottom? That pamphlet was the book.


Solr 4.1 does not work (yet) with Magento EE 1.12 - use Solr version 3.6 for now!

This will be a short post, I just want to let people know how much trouble I've had trying to find something definitive that calls out how the Magento Solr integration built-into Magento Enterprise Edition v1.12 does NOT SUPPORT Solr version 4.1 - in fact, I still can't find any "smoking gun" documentation to confirm this, only a handful of reports about various bugs when using 4.1 such as this one regarding "Unknown commit parameter waitFlush" found on Stack Overflow:

It's surprising that there's not clearer (any?) documentation specifying the major revision of Solr to use. It's probably out there, and I suppose someone will rub my nose in it soon, but we've been scouring the Internet and haven't found anything that makes this more obvious.


How do I check Magento's Search Relevance scores to see what IT thinks is relevant?

Refine Magento search's targeting selection to be as crafty as a Predator Drone!

Magento's stock search is pretty basic, and although it offers a "sort by relevance" feature I often can't tell what it was thinking from the order of the result set. So I decided to hit the database directly and dump out the weighted scores to view them numerically. Now, this doesn't "dix" anything - but at least it gives me the ability to adjust the indexing algorithm and see the results of my efforts.

The following code will do just that:

SELECT prodName.`value` AS name,
MATCH (searchIndex.`data_index`) AGAINST (' ') AS relevance
FROM catalogsearch_fulltext AS searchIndex

LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_varchar AS prodName
ON prodName.`entity_id` = searchIndex.`product_id` AND prodName.`attribute_id` = (SELECT attribute_id FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code = 'name' AND entity_type_id = 4)

ORDER BY relevance DESC;


Magento is slow. Really, really slow. Slow slow slow slow slow. Magento is slow.

I just figured I would state this once to make sure it was lodged in my SEO results. Because Magento is S-L-O-W and everybody pretty much knows it!!! So, if you're one of the people posting to Magento forums asking why it is so slow, please do some due diligence and read up about the gizzilion ways to try to improve its speed. Perhaps I will collect a list of resources here for people to check out...



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