Easier Varnish logging

Get it???  Varnish logs?!?

Varnish, by default, doesn't write a lof file. If you go to /var/log/varnish you will see that this directory is empty.

In Magento, using the Turpentine module, you can enable Varnish logging but it writes a *ton* of stuff and is very heavy to work with. It also degrades server performance asd fills storage.

You can monitor Varnish by typing varnishlog but you will get flooded with information. There are a multitude of switches available, just see man varnishlog. Even still, this log can be a lot to handle.

Try varnishncsa instead. It will give you a "tail-like" experience minus all the cruft. You can actually watch this monitor and get a good sense of what's happening in your mail server without trying to filter all the noise.


How do I get Magento error reports to display in the browser window?!?

When I hit an error in Magento I get the entirely helpful "There has been an error" message. Then I have to go digging to find the error as it has been logged in the file system.

Helpful tip: Go to the errors folder in your Magento directory and rename the "local.xml.sample" file to "local.xml" and PRESTO - you have errors dumping right in your browser.

For more info, visit http://www.templatemonster.com/help/magento-how-to-display-error-message...


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