Goodbye, Drupal_Goto Command... So How do I Redirect Users?

Drupal_Goto() is dead, long live Drupal_Goto()! Trying to forward your user to a new page with PHP from within Drupal?

There's a years-long discussion on about this, and why we couldn't have our wonderful, precious, easy-like-BASIC-to-remember command to send users on their way, which culminated in statements like this one from "SiliconMind"
To quote "Silicon Mind" from

This is great yet sad example of why Perfect is the enemy of good. In D7 the only thing that was needed in order to alter a redirection, was to implement a hook. A three liner solution. In D8 two files are needed and a bunch of "use" calls that take more lines than the actual implementation itself :( Who the hell will memorize this?


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