Robotic Recruiting Calls!

Help us, Heineken R2D2...  You're our only hope!

Today I was dialed by a Robo-Dialer and asked by a synthesized voice if I was available for a Drupal developer position. It was somewhat creepy as I had just been talking moments prior about various countries' difficulties in hiring top talent for high-tech jobs. It's rather amazing how much of a numbers game it has become for recruiting agencies; just a few short years ago people were unable to find work, but somehow in high tech the story quickly became how strapped for properly-trained engineers we are.


The problem is... We don't have enough QUALIFIED TALENT for the jobs we DO have!!!

With no developers available for work, who will drink all this coffee?

Companies are having a REALLY HARD TIME finding qualified employees for tech-related jobs. If this were a typical news story I would have said "high tech jobs" but they AREN'T - they're just "medium-tech" jobs where all we want is someone with a good grasp of technology and a good head on their shoulders! Why is it so hard to fill these positions when the unemployment rate is so high!?!


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