The Invalid Comparison of Wordpress versus Drupal (or Drupal vs Wordpress?) and Which One is Right for You

Long Duk Dong prefers Drupal because he's not just blogging, ya' know...

In the never-ending comparison of Wordpress and Drupal one of the most important criteria is also one of the most often overlooked – the fit-for-purpose of any given architecture to suit the need of a particular site and its audience.

While people throw around the term “CMS” fairly loosely, there tends to be a polarization of meaning under the hood. Most often the situation at hand when discussing “Wordpress versus anything” calls for a content publishing site (or blogging site). However, some percentage of the time the site designer may be thinking of developing something a little more elaborate, such as a social or community site, or perhaps even a full-fledged web application.


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