The problem is... We don't have enough QUALIFIED TALENT for the jobs we DO have!!!

With no developers available for work, who will drink all this coffee?
With no developers available for work, who will drink all this coffee?

Companies are having a REALLY HARD TIME finding qualified employees for tech-related jobs. If this were a typical news story I would have said "high tech jobs" but they AREN'T - they're just "medium-tech" jobs where all we want is someone with a good grasp of technology and a good head on their shoulders! Why is it so hard to fill these positions when the unemployment rate is so high!?!

The reason is that we have done a shit job of preparing people for work. Not just high-tech programming jobs - but *WORK* in general. I have seen people with mediocre skills and lackluster experience taking positions where the company would be far better-served with a more qualified candidate, but they are tired of going to a dry well looking for sharp players! Our issue here in America seems to be that too great a percentage of our workers are not able to compete in a workplace that is increasingly technical, even for the non-technical positions such as project managers and sales managers.

It confounds me that tech companies are starved for new recruits to the point where they need to resort to poaching from each other - while so many others are stranded without even a low-wage job. Forget about jobs going overseas and such for a moment and consider that it has been our failure to prepare the workforce to take the jobs being handed to H1B visa holders. How can there be such burning need for smart technologists that positions are going unfilled for months on end or given to non-citizens because there are no qualified applicants?

That's the end of my rant - really - I'm not going to try to prove some sort of point. I'm just asking the rhetorical question!



Article and Infographic depicts that this is a global problem

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From CareerBuilder:

"Yet this isn't just a U.S. issue -- employers across the globe are feeling the effects of unfilled job openings on their bottom line."

There is a really interesting infographic showing difficult positions to fill by country - check it out!

Also quoted from that article:

"According to a new CareerBuilder survey, a significant number of employers in the 10 largest world economies say that extended job vacancies have resulted in lower revenue and productivity and the inability to grow their businesses. When asked which positions were the hardest to fill, employers cited technical fields -- information technology and engineering -- as being some of the most difficult. Other areas included sales, customer service, research and development, production, creative/design and marketing."