How to easily move databases from staging to production environments

HeidiSQL allows you to copy entire schemas DIRECTLY ACROSS database servers!
HeidiSQL allows you to copy entire schemas DIRECTLY ACROSS database servers!

Often times people are faced with the cumbersome task of moving an entire database from one environment to another, usually by creating a dump file of the database, moving it across from one database server to another, and re-running the script on the destination. This is irritating in that it requires one to create a file that is immediately disposed of, and to transfer that file one or two times over the wire. It is also prone to error in that it entails many distinct steps that each have their own glitches or mistakes to make. The good news is that the easy, one-step solution exists in a product you just haven't tried yet.

Heidi SQL is a remarkable, FREE product that lets you make connections to multiple database servers at a time and to copy directly across them much like an FTP program or file-copy utility! It's amazing - in the "export" panel, instead of creating a file you can designate another connection as the destination... That's it! You can see each row being zapped across the wire line-by-line without having to create any database dumps or local files at all. It is the fastest way to update one database environment with the contents of another, hands-down.

I have had fellow developers come to me with scripts and stored procedures to try to automate this task, none of whom were familiar with Heidi SQL. Once I showed this tool to them, they canned their canned routines and fell in love with this utility. Give it a try, you'll be wondering how in hell you lived so long without it!