Hello Themes releases updated version of Hello Wired Magento theme

HelloWired Responsive Magento Theme with Front Page Slider from Hello Themes
HelloWired Responsive Magento Theme with Front Page Slider from Hello Themes

A long-running favorite free theme for Magento called "HelloWired" has been brought into the responsive design ages with a new release of version 3.0 - check it out at http://www.hellothemes.com/themes/hellowired/ and try it today, especially if you are a user of the original 1.4 version from a couple years ago.

Hello Themes has also updated their documentation for this theme, a liong-standing problem for users of prior versions that had a difficult time finding support. Although the 1.4 version seems to be stranded, the 3.0 version now seems to have fairly detailed documentation and a bit of chatter in the community regarding some of the basic installation problems for this theme.

Note: One of the most popular problems with the HelloWired Magento theme continues to be getting the front page slider to work. One of the most prevelent causes for teh slider failing when you've triple-checked that all CMS and Static Block code is correct is actually very simple... Make sure that your default theme is 'hellowired' in the configuration admin page under General->Design->Themes->Default !!! Many users have somehow cleared this field (or never populated it) so the front-end fails silently and the slider images stack up instead of having the slider javascript feature control them. It's a fairly simple fix that for some reason isn't making it to the popular Q&A websites.

Check it out on a mobile phone, it looks great! Here's a demo store running the HelloWired Magento Responsive Theme: http://VegasHistory.net