Flex Action Script 4 getting Security Sandbox Error #2032 - Stream Error

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 15:28 | by Todd
I had the craziest time troubleshooting this. Everyone suggests putting a CrossDomain.xml file in place but that's got nothing to do with my situation since I am loading a SWF from my own domain and then simply pulling XML results from elsewhere.

The end resolution was surprising; it had to do with potential corruption in the service URL since it was copied from the browser address bar and pasted into my code in the editor; certain browsers (Chrome) seemed to pick up on that corruption and treat the URL as invalid, which leads to a terribly misleading sandbox/2032/stream/security/cross-domain error.

I also had to do a Project->Export Release Build since the compiler seems to "lose track" of the files that ride alongside your SWF. Exporting a release build seems to "re-check-in" with those files and get everything linked correctly.

Bye bye, many days of hair-pulling and teeth gnashing...