Does Ivory Soap Float?

I was the class clown in Mr. Weirman's 7th grade science class at Homer Junior High School. I think I was trying to get the attention of the ladies, although I didn't yet know why. Dana Schultz, Sue Gadomski, Gina Wz???, Amy ???, even Bonnie? (Remember because of the Bonnie Bell lip gloss hanging on around their necks)

Anyway, I stuck my finger in the "water" and Mr. Weirman almost had a conniption. It wasn't water, it was alcohol or something. And he was afraid I would do that because he was watching me and I was close to the bins, and I think he knew I would figure it out.

Kinda like Brother Gerard - he also knew I was smart but lazy, which is why he ALWAYS called on me when he asked a question from the books, and NEVER called on me when I had an answer I could learn in life, like "Why are the insides of our teeth healthier than the outsides?"

I was browsing to try to find any info about Mr. Weirman on the web, and had no luck until I found this, from

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Weirman of Emington attended the church school Christmas program at the United Methodist Church in New Lenox on Sunday evening. Their grandson Chris and his mother Karen participated in the program under the direction of Mr. Weirman. Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen attended the funeral of Leonard Sellmyer in Pontiac on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Weirman spent Wednesday and Thursday in New Lenox with' their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weirman and son Chris. On Wednesday evening they attended the' Homer School Program. "Christmas Is an Emergency in Holiday Land" directed by Mike and on Thursday evening