CheckItOut! checkout extension from EComDev

New version 1.4.2!
It is not just another alternative for the standard Magento Checkout or popular OnestepCheckout extension, this is completely different and simply better!

So what is so different and great about it?

It is maintainable!
You can customize it without headache and spending nights in thousandths of lines of code.
It is simple!
Modifies standard Magento checkout in the places where it is really needed.
It is documented!
You can download our Developer Manual »
It has Unit Tests »
You can check if something is broken after your customizations of the checkout code.
It is developed by EcomDev!

The extension is based on standard Magento checkout, so all payment methods and additional Magento customizations are supported. Fully compatible with:

Community, Professional and Enterprise edition
Gift cards
Customer balance
Reward points
Additional checkout fields
Confirmation step with checkbox or pop up window for countries where it is required by Law (in Netherlands:
Ability to change qty or remove products directly before submission of the order, without losing already entered order details.
Newsletter Signup checkbox
Multiple Designs
Location detection by GeoIp City and Country databases

The extension functionality can be disabled for all websites or a particular website, so you can return standard Magento at any time by changing configuration field.

Review by Alan Storm: Incredibly less painful checkout. CheckItOut gets the entire multi-step checkout condensed onto a single page without making it seem overcrowded or overwhelming. I can see immediately how this could improve conversions, and as a developer this is going to be part of my default working development environment.

The code is rock solid and it looks like they achieved everything without a single class rewrite. It would take a team of top-rate engineers years of experience and months of coding/testing to achieve similar results. It's a steal at this price.


Magento CE 1.4.1-1.7.2
Magento PE 1.9-1.12.0
Magento EE 1.9-1.12.0