Girls hitting themselves in the head with pillows repeatedly in broad daylight on the I-94 exit ramp during rush hour

Two One-Chick Pillow Fights, both of them "winning!"

Here's one of the side projects I've been working on, it's called "Girls hitting themselves in the head with pillows repeatedly in broad daylight on the I-94 exit ramp during rush hour." I bet you can't guess what it's about???

Sorry it's so short, but I can't let the project leak out before it's ready. This is going to be a masterpiece!!!


Another example of the Google "Sandboxing" Effect

Nothing I did could bust this site out of the sandbox, then one day - POP!

In a previous blog post I discussed how Google throttles the number of times your site is shown in search results relative to how reputable and "desirable" your site is to prospective visitors. Today I ran across another good example of this effect, sometimes referred in more drastic cases as the "Google Sandbox" effect.


How to easily move databases from staging to production environments

HeidiSQL allows you to copy entire schemas DIRECTLY ACROSS database servers!

Often times people are faced with the cumbersome task of moving an entire database from one environment to another, usually by creating a dump file of the database, moving it across from one database server to another, and re-running the script on the destination. This is irritating in that it requires one to create a file that is immediately disposed of, and to transfer that file one or two times over the wire. It is also prone to error in that it entails many distinct steps that each have their own glitches or mistakes to make. The good news is that the easy, one-step solution exists in a product you just haven't tried yet.


Hello Themes releases updated version of Hello Wired Magento theme

HelloWired Responsive Magento Theme with Front Page Slider from Hello Themes

A long-running favorite free theme for Magento called "HelloWired" has been brought into the responsive design ages with a new release of version 3.0 - check it out at and try it today, especially if you are a user of the original 1.4 version from a couple years ago.

Hello Themes has also updated their documentation for this theme, a liong-standing problem for users of prior versions that had a difficult time finding support. Although the 1.4 version seems to be stranded, the 3.0 version now seems to have fairly detailed documentation and a bit of chatter in the community regarding some of the basic installation problems for this theme.


Magento Product Export Not Working - getting "No Valid Data Sent" error

Are mysteriously corrupt records causing your exports to fail?

Sometimes Magento Community Edition version (and perhaps other versions) throw an error when you try to use the built-in product export feature. I've been able to find the particular product SKU's in my catalog that are causing the export routine to bomb, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong with these records. I could not trace a specific condition back to the problematic records for something to blame, such as simple versus complex product types, attribute sets, funky characters or encoding, missing values - nothing. It seemed as if there was some sort of invisible problem with certain records that would cause the product export to fail.

I looked in the exception log and saw this super-helpful error message:


Setting Magento Developer Mode through htaccess file not working on shared hosting?

Why can't I get Developer Mode enabled through the htaccess file?

While following the "Weblog" demo found on Magento for Developers Part 5 - Models and ORM Basics from Magento Commerce, many people have been following the instructions to enable developer mode to intentionally throw errors when an include file is missing.

On MagePsycho .com there is a blog post suggesting seven steps to enable dev mode if you are having trouble. I followed those steps and still couldn't get it to happen.


Robotic Recruiting Calls!

Help us, Heineken R2D2...  You're our only hope!

Today I was dialed by a Robo-Dialer and asked by a synthesized voice if I was available for a Drupal developer position. It was somewhat creepy as I had just been talking moments prior about various countries' difficulties in hiring top talent for high-tech jobs. It's rather amazing how much of a numbers game it has become for recruiting agencies; just a few short years ago people were unable to find work, but somehow in high tech the story quickly became how strapped for properly-trained engineers we are.


Google Analytics only shows Five Clicks per Day on my Site

Google actually STOPS SHOWING your site after a certain number of clicks per day!

Are you seeing tons of impressions but only five clicks per day in your Google Analytics graphs? Millions of people every day load up their Google Analytics dashboard and congratulate themselves for ranking number-one or in the top-ten for a specific keyword, thinking they've made it - they are now the "King of the Internet" for that keyword. What nobody seems to understand yet is that Google has gotten very smart in their ripe old age at "gauging" your website and testing you at how much people care to visit your site. Proof of this is when you see yourself ranked really high for a spectacular keyword that is getting a phenomenal number of clicks across the web every day, but then you go into your "Queries" tab and see that you're getting only five clicks regardless of how many impressions you are getting!


New version 1.8 of Magento Community Edition coming out next week

Magento Community Edition 1.8 and Enterprise Edition 1.13 Improvements

Magento announced the official release of Enterprise Edition version 1.13 at Imagine 2013 which includes some long-awaited and desperately-needed enhancements to the way indexing is performed. Now indexed items can be updated "in isolation" which means you don't have to rebuild the whole index every time it becomes invalidated. Instead, you can index only the changed items, and much of this happens automatically now instead of waiting for you to do it manually.



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