CodeSpaces Service Attacked and Destroyed!

Boom!  DDOS attack takes CodeSpaces OUT in one fell swoop!

CodeSpaces, a popular service for housing and archiving developers' source code, was attacked last night and put PERMENANTLY OUT OF BUSINESS by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack!!! Their web page today reads as follows:

We are experiencing massive demand on our support capacity, we are going to get to everyone it will just take time.

Code Spaces : Is Down!

Dear Customers,

On Tuesday the 17th of June 2014 we received a well orchestrated DDOS against our servers, this happens quite often and we normally overcome them in a way that is transparent to the Code Spaces community. On this occasion however the DDOS was just the start.


Drupal Views Contextual Filters OR Logic

Drupal's eyes bug out when you try either/or logic with Views Contextual Filters.

Drupal Views (standard) filters allow for AND/OR logic and groupings. However, when one wants to specify multiple CONTEXTUAL filters (previously referred to as arguments) you do NOT have contextual filters available. There is a "master thread" running on this issue located at for you to track news & progress on the issue.

In the meantime, I am having a bit of luck on most use cases by using a "Global PHP" filter in the regular filters section.

In this example, I wish to show a record if EITHER THE AUTHOR OR THE RECIPIENT FIELD equal the currently-logged-in user. My code in the "Filter code" area of the filter dialogue looks like this:


The broken heart of a lonely eBay user

This toothless hick worried that I didn't race home to ship his $3 brush...

This poor, poor eBay user who goes by the name of neogen555 purchased and paid for a three-dollar cleaning brush for auto windshields on June second. The listings says there will be two days' handling to ship the item. The NEXT DAY, on June 3rd, he FILES A CASE asking:

am i still getting my item that i paid for????

So, since this whole thing was going south anyway, I broke rank and posted this hopefully-comical response:


SERVER-SIDE version of "remembering" user's last Drupal quicktab

Have Drupal remember a user's last QuickTab - on the SERVER side!

In this blog post I gave an example of client-side script to remember the last Drupal QuickTab a user loaded so that when he came back to that page it was already selected again, instead of the default tab. It's a fine solution, but in some cases it's a drag to have that first tab grind the server when you are immediately going to flick over to a different tab anyway.

So here's a server-side version that stores the last tab in the $_SESSION variable - it will recall the last tab that *executed* (which is not necessarily the last on the user viewed) but in most cases that's perfectly acceptable. Put this in your Global PHP header in the view:


FishPig's Attribute Splash Page extension for Magento 1.8 does not work

FishPig's "Attribute Splash Pages" crash and burn on Magento 1.8

When installing version (recent as of May 2014) the install (for some people) seems to complete successfully, but any time you try to create and save a page you get the error

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'store_table.page_id' in 'on clause

Additionally, if you try to rebuild the newly-created index "Attribute Splash" you get the following error:


Get simple product images to show in grouped product gallery using Magento's MobileShoppe theme

Show your simple images in your grouped product page!

You have grouped products that may or may not have their own images, but you would like to also see the associated simple product's main images in the grouped carousel (gallery), and they should behave like the images normally do. And you are using the MobileShoppe theme. Done.

Open (or copy the base theme's) "mobile.phtml" located in app/design/frontend/default/mobileshoppe/template/catalog/product/view folder.

Immediately AFTER this section:


Magento MobileShoppe Theme: Main Image Repeats in Gallery

Eliminate duplicate images in the product gallery using Magento MobileShoppe theme!

Why does the main product image repeat itself in the slideshow gallery on the product details page when using the MobileShoppe theme in Magento?

Go to the folder located at /app/design/frontend/default/mobileshoppe/template/catalog/product/view/

...and open the file "media.phtml"

...and comment-out the following lines:



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