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Screenshot of MagMI Magento Import utility

What does MagneticOne Store Manager do for me? Ease of administration, runs as local app and hits database directly. Can import well? But reindexing is done through Magento - still grinds.

What does MagMI do for me? Mass Import and more - but only compatible with Community Edition. Does a great job of importing massive numbers of SKU's and indexes them on-the-fly as well, but once those products are in you still have the issue of Magento grinding by simply looking up a product, etc.

Using MagMI I can upload one million products into a stock Magento CE installation, but once I'm finished I can't even seem to get a response to a simple search query.


A "Simple" Speadsheet to generate random products to import into Magento

I created an Excel spreadsheet that auto-generates 10,000 product SKU's from a list of words. I kept getting "#VALUE!" errors using the LOOKUP function in Excel.

The answer was to press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER when entering the formula! Weird...


By using an "Array Formula" the errors went away! Very pesky bug to chase down, figured I'd post it here.

The weirdest thing, I only got the error after 1,000 rows... And such.


Mobile Phone Landscape Resolution is just Too Short for eCommerce Category Landing Pages!

Mobile phones are too short in terms of vertical width to show grid-based category pages or "product walls" - even at only two columns wide, you will only see a slice of the product image, let alone the title, price and five-star reviews. If you go to three columns the images become too small to be appealing and persuasive.

I can't advocate a separate media query for every device from table on down, so I'd shoot for the best size that displays at all levels

My Android G2 has 3.7 inch, WVGA 800x480 display which is a .60 aspect ratio. That's fine, although not as great as a .667 or .75 ratio found elsewhere - like the iPad 2. The problem, though, is that when I'm in portrait mode I only get a miniscule except that it is only

iPhone 4S 960x640 3.5" .667

Blackberry Curve something like a 2.4" and that might have navigation controls showing too, 320x240 = .75 aspect ratio


Is there really NO difference between Magento Community and Enterprise editions?

Mark Shust asserts in his blog post that there is "absolutely no difference" in Magento's free vs. paid versions. Of course, he's speaking only to the technical differences in the code base, not issues such as licensing, support etc - but still, a fairly powerful statement.

Give it a read at http://markshust.com/2012/02/01/there-absolutely-no-difference-magento-c...


Indexing Millions of SKU's with Magento?

From BlueBen on Magento Forums:


I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Alistair Stead from Session Digital at the Magento Imagine conference. Alistair is doing lots of work for the Magento developer community, including MageTolol, a Magento unit testing facility. The Magento community benefits from people such as Alistair, and Magento, Inc. have committed to being more involved with community recommendations.

Alistair just posted some catalog index findings to the Magento developers’ list. I’m copying his post here for the benefit of others:


Hello Wired theme: Front Page Slider (Slide Show) Not Working - Where is the Media folder?

When installing the "Hello Wired" theme/template into Magento, and following all of their instructions posted at http://www.hellothemes.com/documentation/hellowired-documentation the slider is missing on the front page. There is a mention of whether or not you have to "create the media directory" during install.

As you troubleshoot the missing images in helloslider, you might be tempted to drop 01.jpg and 02.jpg into the 'skin/frontend/default/hellowired/images' directory and possibly even create a 'media' folder there. Don't do it!


Magento Checkout Missing "PLACE ORDER" Button in Final Step of One-Page Checkout

There are a lot of old posts about Magento missing the final button in the checkout process. Many of them suggest that there may be corruption in the checkout.xml file following a significant revamp in version 1.5 - but a lot of these articles and their suggestions are outdated.

I ran into this problem using the "Hello Wired" free template and Magento 1.7 Community Edition. The following link helped me a lot:


There, "therob" suggests to do the following: Find app/design/frontend/default/*******/layout/checkout.xml (replacing asterisks with the name of your template, such as "hellowired").

Replace ALL of the following code:


Thoughts from Russia

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2012-05-09 05:54

A dirty rag sitting on a pipe, no toilet seat, no hot water, empty soap, not even a paper HOLDER let alone paper... No garbage can. No space to turn around. ADA accessible - are you insane???

Everythoing you see is sbout fighting.... Kickboxing and martial arts, otherwise it's cheezey soap operas aboput generals and other military figures. Even comedy/skit shows use military-unifimed people as characters... And all docvumentaries about wars and killing and tanks and missles...

Eating - sitting - eating - drinking - talking about eating - going to buy food - eating - drinking - eating - sleeping

Food is sour - unregulated - water in rusty tanks to delivery stations - milk in bags... Handling food by hand - no bathrooms, even in malls (or you have to pay to use them - it was "bought")

People wearijng masks - pollution - terrible emissions from shitty cars...



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