The Magento 2.0 "Downward Slope of Promise"

How long before the dawn for Magento's long-anticipated version 2.0 ???

Thirteen Top-Ten Reasons not to Hold your Breath for Magento 2.0

It's officially time to question the plausibility of a Magento 2.0 release anywhere near the suggested timelines. Magento's first major overhaul since they became a "thing" is shaping up to be a non-event. Much ado about nothing, there seems to be a landslide of articles speculating whether there will be a version 2.0, what it will contain, and when it might arrive. Meanwhile, the announcements went from promising to downplayed, and eventually fell relatively silent. There seems to be increasing drag on any official communication from within the Magento camp, and even the stories about how a 2.0 beta release might be stalled are now themselves outdated. While trying to keep the knobs dead-center between optimist and pessimist, the following symptoms are those that are leading me to this disposition, which I summarily dub "The Magento 2.0 downward slope of promise", beginning with quite a whopper...


Ecommerce Platform Review: Muncom "Beta"

I ran across a press release about Muncom today - a "build your own free web store in five minutes" play. The article really read as if this were a Google offering and my first thought was "Here we go; Google must be busting in on eBay and Magento Go..." And it made some tall promises, like "EVERY SMALL ENTREPRENEUR’S DREAM TURNS INTO REALITY THANKS TO INTERNET, WITH TOTALLY FREE ONLINE STORES." (And by the way, "Thanks, Internet!")

Well, don't proceed to checkout just yet.


Magento is slow. Really, really slow. Slow slow slow slow slow. Magento is slow.

I just figured I would state this once to make sure it was lodged in my SEO results. Because Magento is S-L-O-W and everybody pretty much knows it!!! So, if you're one of the people posting to Magento forums asking why it is so slow, please do some due diligence and read up about the gizzilion ways to try to improve its speed. Perhaps I will collect a list of resources here for people to check out...


Why I No Longer Recommend Magento Community Edition To Small Businesses by JASON CAPSHAW

Why I No Longer Recommend Magento Community Edition To Small Businesses

Reposted without permission from

Let me preface this with a quote from yours truly…

I Love Magento

Yes, that was me about a year ago. However, I have sadly changed my tune…

How me and Magento got started

I was on the rebound from a very difficult relationship with OSCommerce. Trying to SEO oscommerce had left me empty and wanton for a truly meaningful relationship with an open source ecommerce solution. After a quick fling with Zencart, Magento made its debut and it was love at first sight for me.


Trying to get XMPPHP library to work with php 5.3 and beyond

Trying to get XMPPHP library to work with php 5.3 and beyond
Thu, 03/10/2011 - 10:34 | by Todd
#Use XMPPHP_Log::LEVEL_VERBOSE to get more logging for error reports
#If this doesn't work, are you running 64-bit PHP with < 5.2.6?

Bringing it up to 5.3+:

Running XMPPHP against an OpenFire Jabber/XMPP server:

'Not supporting crypto' - WAMP - SSL not enabled, WAMP->php Extensions->php_openssl put a checkmark and restart WAMP

Replace all 'split' with 'explode' - just the word, leave all other syntax alone. Appears in line 121 of 'roster.php' and line ??? of XMPP.php

Comment out line 16 of test script - there is no 'subject' in the data

Need to change the test for whether this response is a message or a presence.

>> Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\XMPP_test\XMPPHP\XMPP.php on line 233


Flex Action Script 4 getting Security Sandbox Error #2032 - Stream Error

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 15:28 | by Todd
I had the craziest time troubleshooting this. Everyone suggests putting a CrossDomain.xml file in place but that's got nothing to do with my situation since I am loading a SWF from my own domain and then simply pulling XML results from elsewhere.

The end resolution was surprising; it had to do with potential corruption in the service URL since it was copied from the browser address bar and pasted into my code in the editor; certain browsers (Chrome) seemed to pick up on that corruption and treat the URL as invalid, which leads to a terribly misleading sandbox/2032/stream/security/cross-domain error.

I also had to do a Project->Export Release Build since the compiler seems to "lose track" of the files that ride alongside your SWF. Exporting a release build seems to "re-check-in" with those files and get everything linked correctly.

Bye bye, many days of hair-pulling and teeth gnashing...


The problem is... We don't have enough QUALIFIED TALENT for the jobs we DO have!!!

With no developers available for work, who will drink all this coffee?

Companies are having a REALLY HARD TIME finding qualified employees for tech-related jobs. If this were a typical news story I would have said "high tech jobs" but they AREN'T - they're just "medium-tech" jobs where all we want is someone with a good grasp of technology and a good head on their shoulders! Why is it so hard to fill these positions when the unemployment rate is so high!?!


CheckItOut! checkout extension from EComDev

New version 1.4.2!
It is not just another alternative for the standard Magento Checkout or popular OnestepCheckout extension, this is completely different and simply better!

So what is so different and great about it?

It is maintainable!
You can customize it without headache and spending nights in thousandths of lines of code.
It is simple!
Modifies standard Magento checkout in the places where it is really needed.
It is documented!
You can download our Developer Manual »
It has Unit Tests »
You can check if something is broken after your customizations of the checkout code.
It is developed by EcomDev!

The extension is based on standard Magento checkout, so all payment methods and additional Magento customizations are supported. Fully compatible with:


Magento PCI Compliance using third-party payment processor but not "leaving" the site?

You would like to remain PCI-compliant by using a third-party/hosted payment processor (so that Magento is not called "into scope" of a PCI audit) but you hate how most payment processors take the user away from your site?

Try "Silent Order POST" from CyberSource. It posts your payments in the background and doesn't lead your user off to a third party!

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm wondering if Moneris payment gateway also accomplishes this goal? Check them out at and click on the "Online Payments" header. They are a Canadian firm and have a US presence.



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