A "Simple" Speadsheet to generate random products to import into Magento

I created an Excel spreadsheet that auto-generates 10,000 product SKU's from a list of words. I kept getting "#VALUE!" errors using the LOOKUP function in Excel.

The answer was to press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER when entering the formula! Weird...


By using an "Array Formula" the errors went away! Very pesky bug to chase down, figured I'd post it here.

The weirdest thing, I only got the error after 1,000 rows... And such.


Indexing Millions of SKU's with Magento?

From BlueBen on Magento Forums:


I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Alistair Stead from Session Digital at the Magento Imagine conference. Alistair is doing lots of work for the Magento developer community, including MageTolol, a Magento unit testing facility. The Magento community benefits from people such as Alistair, and Magento, Inc. have committed to being more involved with community recommendations.

Alistair just posted some catalog index findings to the Magento developers’ list. I’m copying his post here for the benefit of others:


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