Flushing PostFix outbound mail queue after servers hacked

Zombie Mail Servers will show constant disk activity without much processor consumption

After your server got hacked with SQL injection (perhaps via Drupageddon) you cleaned your Apache server and removed all malicious code, but your hard drive is still on fire and the disk I/O light never shuts off. You ran TOP but you don't see any process taking more than a few percent of processor time, what do you do?

Check your local SMTP server to see if it is flooded with outbound traffic. Your server has probably become a zombie for spammers, and your retry queue could have hundreds of thousands of outbound messages retrying continuously.


How to stop Node Comments Spam in Drupal 7

Getting buried in Spam?

Spammers generally use comment feature to post spam links on your Drupal powered websites. Here is how you can control spam comments to large extent.

Use Mollom Module
Mollom is a great Drupal module to control spams. Mollom handles incoming posts intelligently, in much the same way a human moderator decides what posts are acceptable.

Use CAPTCHA Module
A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human.

Make Preview comment necessary
Enable Preview comment necessary from Administrator >> Content types >> page / story >> Edit >> Comments settings.

You can further control spam, by allowing only registered users to post comment.


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