Sherri's Berries

Report: ProFlowers is a SCAM, avoid this Fraudulent RIPOFF commerce Fraud Hucksters!

Do NOT buy ANYˇHING from!

You may have seen their commercials - too good to be true, you pay $19.99 and get a beautiful bouquet of roses and a free vase! The ecommerce shop flow seems pretty straightforward, and aside

"maximum refund" of You had a glass $38.76 "You maximum amount will be $

The customer service reps are not employed directly by ProFlowers but are contracted out. They read scripts and "don't knwo what's hapening" so they out you on hold a lot

Shari's Berries commercial - same thing!

More proof of the crossover? is a page on ProFlowers where they sell... Berries! Chocolate covered strawberries.


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