Google Analytics only shows Five Clicks per Day on my Site

Google actually STOPS SHOWING your site after a certain number of clicks per day!

Are you seeing tons of impressions but only five clicks per day in your Google Analytics graphs? Millions of people every day load up their Google Analytics dashboard and congratulate themselves for ranking number-one or in the top-ten for a specific keyword, thinking they've made it - they are now the "King of the Internet" for that keyword. What nobody seems to understand yet is that Google has gotten very smart in their ripe old age at "gauging" your website and testing you at how much people care to visit your site. Proof of this is when you see yourself ranked really high for a spectacular keyword that is getting a phenomenal number of clicks across the web every day, but then you go into your "Queries" tab and see that you're getting only five clicks regardless of how many impressions you are getting!


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