Quicktabs not able to pass arguments when using AJAX

QuickTabs AJAX Errors when passing Arguments

I have three tabs in a QuickTabs block on a Panels Page. Each is set to a callback function like so:

Tab 1 Callback: list/autos/%1/ford
Tab 2 Callback: list/autos/%1/chevy
Tab 3 Callback: list/autos/%1/honda

If I set the tabs to load with AJAX, all arguments come through to the callback function as expected - arg(0) is list, arg(1) is autos, arg(2) is the 1st arg from the URL, and arg(3) is the manufacturer. EXCEPT the default tab, which gets only the original URL args, not those specified in the callback string.

If I set the tabs to NOT load via AJAX, they ALL fail, getting only the original URL args. It's as if the callback args are not yet available while the panel is still loading/rendering.


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