Club Petrovich Moscow

Club Petrovich - Петровичи и Петровны


History of the Club

Who is “Petrovich”?

The concept of club is based on the figure of main hero of Andrey Bilzho’s drawings from “Kommersant” magazine – Petrovich, and the main point of its corporate identity became ironic nostalgia for good old soviet times, for our common past. You can see everyday items of that times in the interior of the club (presents of club’s members), “soviet” style art-objects. Meal from our childhood well-known to everyone is served on plates and dishes decorated with Bilzho’s drawings. The atmosphere is absolutely peculiar here – it is domestic, cozy, filled with sense of humor. At the same time the “Petrovich” club is a museum, restaurant and… house, where you want to return.

The way it all started


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