Setting Magento Developer Mode through htaccess file not working on shared hosting?

Why can't I get Developer Mode enabled through the htaccess file?

While following the "Weblog" demo found on Magento for Developers Part 5 - Models and ORM Basics from Magento Commerce, many people have been following the instructions to enable developer mode to intentionally throw errors when an include file is missing.

On MagePsycho .com there is a blog post suggesting seven steps to enable dev mode if you are having trouble. I followed those steps and still couldn't get it to happen.


Getting a 500 Server Error after adding an htaccess file in Magento root

When trying to get server rewrites to work in Magento, you will need to ensure that the .htaccess file is in the Magento root directory.

On many shared hosting accounts such as GoDaddy and 1and1 you will get a "500" error from the server after enabling the appropriate settings.

Go into your .htaccess file and uncomment the "RewriteBase" directive, changing it to your folder's name.

Here's the catch for those of you not running in a virtual folder: Still uncomment it, but make it read: RewriteBase \ (that's a "backwards slash")

Vee-ola - Your site is up!


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