Another example of the Google "Sandboxing" Effect

Nothing I did could bust this site out of the sandbox, then one day - POP!

In a previous blog post I discussed how Google throttles the number of times your site is shown in search results relative to how reputable and "desirable" your site is to prospective visitors. Today I ran across another good example of this effect, sometimes referred in more drastic cases as the "Google Sandbox" effect.


Ecommerce Platform Review: Muncom "Beta"

I ran across a press release about Muncom today - a "build your own free web store in five minutes" play. The article really read as if this were a Google offering and my first thought was "Here we go; Google must be busting in on eBay and Magento Go..." And it made some tall promises, like "EVERY SMALL ENTREPRENEUR’S DREAM TURNS INTO REALITY THANKS TO INTERNET, WITH TOTALLY FREE ONLINE STORES." (And by the way, "Thanks, Internet!")

Well, don't proceed to checkout just yet.


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