Logging in as the "De-Mouser" user!!!!

Logging in as the demouser user account!

So I called the Moneris customer service line the other day on behalf of a client, asking how to log in to a "sandbox" area where I could test a Magento payment gateway for Moneris credit cards as well as the Canadian Interac payment method. The customer service rep gave my the URL to their test environment and told me to log into the developer portal as the "De-Mouser" user.

I paused, and asked, "Are you saying that the login is DEE - MOUSER?!?"

"Yes," he replied.

I paused again, thought about it, and asked... "Do you mean DEMO USER?"

What the?!?

This level-two customer service agent has been telling people for who-knows-how-long that the login "demouser" is de-mouser. Hilarious and amazing!


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