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How to add a product search to Drupal Commerce using Views and the Search API

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Having problems finding support with adding a product search in Drupal Commerce? Assuming you've gotten as far as installing the Search API, Views Search integration and set up your service/server/index, you're now wrestling with why the name of your index is not showing up in the drop-down for "Show: in Views add. Note: If you haven't gotten that far, go back to Google (GBTG?) cuz help is available. If you have, read on.


Cannot Edit Drupal Commerce Kickstart Discounts on Front Page

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It seems the discounts shown on the front page of Drupal's "Commerce Kickstart" are hard coded! What the fudge?!?


Specifically, these blocks:
• "SAVE 25% Purchases made between June 5 - 12 will be discounted" (Banner), and...

How to edit them?

From GuGuss on Drupal Dot Org:

"The block contents are hard-coded in commerce_kickstart_block_block_view hook in commerce_kickstart_block.module."

You can't edit them through the UI.



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