Thoughts from Russia

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2012-05-09 05:54

A dirty rag sitting on a pipe, no toilet seat, no hot water, empty soap, not even a paper HOLDER let alone paper... No garbage can. No space to turn around. ADA accessible - are you insane???

Everythoing you see is sbout fighting.... Kickboxing and martial arts, otherwise it's cheezey soap operas aboput generals and other military figures. Even comedy/skit shows use military-unifimed people as characters... And all docvumentaries about wars and killing and tanks and missles...

Eating - sitting - eating - drinking - talking about eating - going to buy food - eating - drinking - eating - sleeping

Food is sour - unregulated - water in rusty tanks to delivery stations - milk in bags... Handling food by hand - no bathrooms, even in malls (or you have to pay to use them - it was "bought")

People wearijng masks - pollution - terrible emissions from shitty cars...