Trivia: I actually had an America Online account before they were called America Onloine - I had a "Chicago Online" account! No joke...
[10:04:43 AM] Todd Young: I htink I still have an ad for that service around here somewhere
[10:05:15 AM] Jerry Holt: wow
[10:05:16 AM] Todd Young: Does SSH access require whitelisting? If so, should probably add to the notes
[10:05:27 AM] Jerry Holt: i think my first internet service was compuserve
[10:05:37 AM] Jerry Holt: yes, ok
[10:05:39 AM] Todd Young: I used to be big into the BBS's
[10:05:51 AM] Todd Young: When FidoNet came out and linked them up that was awesome
[10:06:16 AM] Todd Young: I ran a BBS for a ahort time on my ONE phone line lol, man those were the days
[10:06:21 AM] Todd Young: SO primative
[10:06:24 AM] Jerry Holt: sorry
[10:06:29 AM] Todd Young: lol
[10:07:28 AM] Jerry Holt: when road runner came to austin I was like "you don't need to connect to browse the internet?!!!"
[10:07:50 AM] Jerry Holt: \o/
[10:08:43 AM] Todd Young: SHit, I remember getting my first 300 baud modem for Christmas, I felt like there was power in that box to take over the world. I couldn't stop staring at it
[10:08:52 AM] Jerry Holt: haha