Some people just think differently.

Think Different, or <em>DIFFERENTLY?</em>  Does corporate culture shun "smart people?"
Think Different, or DIFFERENTLY? Does corporate culture shun "smart people?"

EA used to stand for Electronic Arts, and back in the Amiga days there really wasn't much quality software available. But Electronic Arts supported the platform and spent a lot of resources marketing to that community, probably not turning a profit on that user base. But their motto was "We See Farther" and I respected that.

IBM used to have a simple motto of "THINK."

Once I had a co-worker that tried to express her opinion regarding a client matter as this: Once it's broken, if it's not broken, don't keep fixing it. Some people just think differently.

I had an ex-Apple boss that wanted to pay me by my score on his I.Q. test. He said if I scored higher than he did, I would make more than him. After scoring my test, he started our conversation by saying, "let me begin by saying I'm not paying you more than I make..." But that same boss told me he liked that when he put things into my head, they come back out the way he would expect. I appreciated that comment.

Apple's motto for years was "Think Different." Does that mean it's OK to be grammatically incorrect? ;^)

Does corporate culture shun smart people? Do we "manage to the middle?" Is it "okay" to be smart? Do people get hired for being smart and then treated like they are dumb? Do accomplished, capable people have to explain themselves and their thought process, or can they just act as they have all their careers without having to defend themselves politically? Does everything have to be a consensus, or agreed to by the jack-of-all-trades CEO that knows better because he has "common sense" and a fat wallet?