Russian Space Shuttle


Just yesterday, June 2, 2015, was 60 years old cradle of world space and the largest domestic space harbor - Baikonur Cosmodrome. Over the years, its territory has been tested many different spacecraft, the apex of which was the system of "Energy-Buran". But history has chosen its path and the project died in infancy. More than two decades ago, the last time to close heavy sliding doors MKS - installation and filling of the complex, cut off from the alluring star sky two orbiting spacecraft. There is an easy irony that the birthplace of those who had to surf the cosmic expanses, it was the burial place and a crypt.

History spirals. This is an objective process, repeated over and over again. You can regret for the lost time and to mourn about the past greatness, but the facts remain above this - Russia is rapidly losing its status as a leading space power. For more than twenty years, the country does not produce anything new in principle, continuing to exploit the legacy of the Soviet Union. Only lead the modernization of the old backlog, but otherwise everything is just words on paper and projects. Sure, notable past will allow to stay afloat even a decade or two in the role of a space cab, but only as long as the Chinese missiles are not overstep its proper boundary changes and hurl prices on the conclusion of cargo into orbit. From Space romance gone, leaving her only dry figures of financial statistics. Why spend billions on the space, if it does not bring profit for the foreseeable future? In times of confrontation of political systems, the race between the two superpowers has a beneficial effect on the scientific and technical progress. The possible use of military and ideological gave rise to dozens of various projects. Yes, most of them did not go beyond the drawings and models, but the ones that leaked through the sieve test and commissions received unlimited support. The future of the Soviet reusable orbiters not been predetermined even before birth. Despite the huge financial loss ratio of such starts, they can hold out for long on the world stage, giving the vector for future horizons. And to finish my article I want to play on the title and epigraph. Rise My God! From ashes rise! Awake, my God! Rise from the ashes!

Jun. 4th, 2015 09:36 am (UTC)
Stunned possible ... Really once all this was done in our country?

The "Buran" (Blizzard) was Russia's Shuttle. See the Wikipedia Entry on this spacecraft.

Photo of the Buran sitting in Gorky Park next to the Moskva River:

Information on the boat trip I took:

The Russian word Buran means "a violent windstorm" with either dust or snow. From Tatar buran or a kindred Turkic source ; akin to Mongolian boru─čan, heavy rain.