Magento Module Creator - Module Generator

My buddy Tyler pointed me at this tool to auto-generate Magento modules:

According to the author, you can define extensions with your own company namespace to do things like:

  • Create a Frontend Page
  • Create a Backend Page
  • Create a data module, Create a 'Backend Model Manager' for add delete change search this data module.
  • Add new category attribute
  • Add new customer attribute
  • Add new customer address attribute
  • Add new sales attribute
  • Run sql in the magento database
  • Run installing php code in the magento system
  • Add Sales Order Status
  • Add Magento Event
  • Collocate Magento System Configuration
  • Add New Shipping Method
  • Add Magento Widget
  • Add Magento Cron Job
  • Add New Order Total (fee or discount)
  • Add Magento Api Configuration

    ...and when you are done, *poof* you have a starter module, with all that stuff ready to go!

    Tell me what you think, please post a comment if you have used this tool!

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