How to add a product search to Drupal Commerce using Views and the Search API

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Bill's Hog Reserved Parking in the Men's Shitter

Having problems finding support with adding a product search in Drupal Commerce? Assuming you've gotten as far as installing the Search API, Views Search integration and set up your service/server/index, you're now wrestling with why the name of your index is not showing up in the drop-down for "Show: in Views add. Note: If you haven't gotten that far, go back to Google (GBTG?) cuz help is available. If you have, read on.

Getting this far, you've probably read lots of helpful documentation such as where it states that you should create a new view and select [the name of the Search index] next to the "Show" dropdown. I also saw the same suggestion on - but using the latest versions of all modules as of late January 2013 it seems the indexes (which I've successfully created and enabled) do not show. I've also read that each index I create should provide a new search block at but I haven't seen these gems pop up yet, either. I've been tempted to click "Search Index" out of desperation but that only gives me access to a list of indexes that have been defined - not the actual index data contained within any one of them. Arrrgh!

So, after scouring the issue lists for Search API (don't even get me started about hw long I looked for a 'search_api_views' issues list - there isn't one) it became increasingly clear that lots has changed since the first Views integration was done with Search API. A lot of the administration options have changed as the merging of these two massive modules was refined from version to version. For example, many of the videos show screens that no longer exist or have changed drastically, etc.

***And in short, that's where I am right now - I AM STUCK! ***

Of course, I will edit the rest of this article when I figure it out!!!