Hello Wired theme: Front Page Slider (Slide Show) Not Working - Where is the Media folder?

When installing the "Hello Wired" theme/template into Magento, and following all of their instructions posted at http://www.hellothemes.com/documentation/hellowired-documentation the slider is missing on the front page. There is a mention of whether or not you have to "create the media directory" during install.

As you troubleshoot the missing images in helloslider, you might be tempted to drop 01.jpg and 02.jpg into the 'skin/frontend/default/hellowired/images' directory and possibly even create a 'media' folder there. Don't do it!

As illustrated on Alan Storm's blog at http://alanstorm.com/magento_base_directories you will see that the media directory is actually already there in the base directory of Magento - it is in a special, controlled place that the Magento system keeps track of through a pointer in the configuration.

Simply go into the media folder at the Magento root, create a 'helloslider' folder there and drop your 01.jpg and 02.jpg images into it. "Vee-oh-la" - up pops your front page slider!