Google Analytics only shows Five Clicks per Day on my Site

Google actually STOPS SHOWING your site after a certain number of clicks per day!
Google actually STOPS SHOWING your site after a certain number of clicks per day!

Are you seeing tons of impressions but only five clicks per day in your Google Analytics graphs? Millions of people every day load up their Google Analytics dashboard and congratulate themselves for ranking number-one or in the top-ten for a specific keyword, thinking they've made it - they are now the "King of the Internet" for that keyword. What nobody seems to understand yet is that Google has gotten very smart in their ripe old age at "gauging" your website and testing you at how much people care to visit your site. Proof of this is when you see yourself ranked really high for a spectacular keyword that is getting a phenomenal number of clicks across the web every day, but then you go into your "Queries" tab and see that you're getting only five clicks regardless of how many impressions you are getting!

The graph pictured here shows that effect - although this particular, relatively new website is gettinganywhere between twenty and two-hundred impressions per keyword, the overall effect is that the website is only being granted five actual clicks regardless of this performance. You will notice on new websites that this occurs for quite some time, like a month or so, and then suddenly one day "bam" - your limit gets bumped up, perhaps to something like ten or twenty clicks per day. What is happening is that Google is showing your site in search results, waiting to see if anyone "cares" (expressed by clicking on it of course) and only after seeing a certain amount of interest to they give you a little more action.

We see this effect every day while we manage new website launches. Of course, domain age & existing traffic/reputation plays into it, as does the quality of the content and HTML "niceness" of the site deign and many other factors. But all-things-considered, all new sites see the same effect. How high we rank, and for how many keywords, grows over time. So does the number of impressions, how many pages are crawled and how often, everything... seems to be highly dependent on how long the site has "baked" out there on the Internet at that level of clicks per day. As this new site continues to perform and seems desirable by the public, Google progressively bumps-up the number of clicks they allow per day, regardless of which keyword of key phrase triggered the click.

I have specifically crafted multiple websites to look absolutely outstanding for a very specific keyword and thrown it out on the web to prove this effect. Sure enough, within a week or so I am absolute number-one "top dog" for that keyword. I then begin to search for that keyword through Google from a variety of test points throughout the United States, and sure enough - no matter how many times I search for that phrase I am in the top ten results. Until, that is, I click on the search result five times at which point my site drops off of Google search results - completely! Then tomorrow morning *bing* there it is again.

I believe Google is watching the click-through rate to see if they have to show your site a thousand times, or perhaps only a hundred, before you get those five clicks. If it takes fewer impressions to get to those five clicks you website appears to be more "tasty" to users and you get more slack from Google to appear longer and for additional keywords going forward. So, as it appears, Google once again has figured out yet another way to stop black-hat SEO jokers from gaming the system, encouraging us all to work hard and provide high-quality, well-organized content before we see the fruits of out labor in Google search results!